st. geezy with the homies

posted on: Sunday, May 4, 2014

st. george at the mercers condo. amen to that. nora's huge smile in all these pictures perfectly describes the happiness and joy we all felt. i mean that sun? that heat? that pool? that food? yep, i'd say it was a success. between centro pizza, mexican lunch (holy guacamole), larson's frost stop ice cream glacier, breakfast at black bear's diner... we left that city stuffed to the brim. we also left with a solid tan (with a touch of burn). we were on cloud 9 by that pool. and nora was on cloud 99 running around that splash pad and the carousel. like a kid in a candy shop. and that temple? so majestic. we are so lucky to have amazing friends and to live in this beautiful state. st. geezy- thank you for the tan and the memories! till next time.


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