Sugar House

posted on: Monday, June 22, 2015

^^ motherhood ^^

On Saturday we spent the day exploring the city! It was fun to have the day with my peeps. The DoDo in Sugar House is always a classic. And how cute is this outdoor library?! This baby isn't so bad either. I've driven by these walls so many times and decided it was time to stop and take a few pics! I live by my dad's motto... "you can always delete." I've always appreciated pictures and videos. Probably too much. But although this was just a simple day of adventuring, I love that I can always have these pictures to remember it. Besides- Rocky will only be 3 months and 14 days for so long... (one day precisely). 

three years!

posted on: Wednesday, June 17, 2015


for our anniversary, we left little man with grandpa and headed out to the woods. i love Sundance. it's so serene. and greeeeen right now! holy moly. we ate at the tree room.. "i'm so fancy..." well kinda. we bought a groupon. it was delicious! and so nice to have a date night with my boo. it's funny how much we talked about Rocky though. obsessed and proud of it. but it's crazy that it's been three years! but also crazy how much we've done and how many memories were created in those years. I wouldn't trade any of it for anything. I love you Danny! I am so happy you chose me! Happy Anniversary! Let's do this forever kay?!


^^^ Bailey popping Danny's mole! haha "I almost got it all out!" ^^^


we did some of my favorite things this trip. my sister and I did an awesome yoga class. the girls and the babies went to santana row one afternoon- one of my happy places (and THE best stores). attended my cute little brother's 8th grade promotion. can't believe he's a high schooler. I feel old. we spent lots of time in the pool. talk about wrinkly fingers and toes. Danny, Rocky, and I went to the concert in the park. it's always cool to see the people of my town gathering for good music and food. also- farmers market- obvi. If you know me at all, you know i love farmers markets. and really any kid of festival. but one of the reasons i love summer is the fruit. oooooh the fruit. so yummy right now. i mean the peaches? i could literally live off them. well maybe not literally. we ended the trip with dinner outside on main street. dinner was relaxing, if erase the few minutes of HECTIC children. classic. well that's about it for this trip! Rocky is becoming quite the traveler. (and by the word traveler i also mean spoiled baby).

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