my guy

posted on: Sunday, March 30, 2014

this guy just sippin' on his redbull in his brixton hat. yesterday, i was looking through my old notes, and found my entry from the night we got engaged. i didn't write anything except the exact words danny said to me when he asked me to marry him. it was perfection. he says he was so nervous he doesn't remember what came out of his mouth. i remember. something i will never forget. by far one of the happiest moments of my life.

mercede, the bride-to-be

posted on: Saturday, March 29, 2014

i love when other people find love. cheesy but true. merc has been one of my closest friends throughout college. she is such a supportive friend and she is also one of the weirdest people i know (my favorite quality of hers). mercede has found her prince, and his name is bryson. they make a cute couple. i am happy i got to help throw this party to celebrate happiness and love. because i know how fun marriage is, i get so stoked when my friends get engaged. i just want everyone to get married. it was a happy saturday. good food, good friends, and a dang good reason to celebrate!

flying doughnuts??

posted on: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

who run the world? girls. yep- it was that time of the month (not thaaaaat time). girls night. my sweet keri. every time we hang out, i'm always more surprised how similar we are. in a lot of ways. i think the two main: we love shopping and we love doughnuts. qualities of true friends right? there are lots more but those are what we feel should be celebrated during our sleepovers. we go to anthro, and come out in the same skirt and almost twinner tops. we just laugh. we own a lot of the same clothes by accident- kind of awesome. so we hit up a couple stores, and then stumbled on these full on doughnut get ups. we knew we needed them. instantly made our night that much better. as soon as we got home, we put them on and hit the town. kind of. we took tiny for a walk around the hood. but tiny is a funny dog and doesn't really like walks. half the time we had to drag her. she even tugged off her collar and stubbornly sat on the sidewalk. that pup. lazy as can be. keri stumbled upon a love note from CJ.  ❤  stopped by a friends house and mooched on their steak dinner. and learned how to crack open a coconut. random but awesome. side note: this sunshine means almost barbecue weather. i dream about those summer nights. annnyways, we got home and decided we needed an ice cold diet coke, frozen yogurt, and a movie to rent. add a comfy blanket and a snoring bulldog, and you got a pretty perfect slumber party for two grown women. holla at yer girls.

salt flats & wendover // our saturday adventure.

posted on: Sunday, March 23, 2014


friday night, we went to chinese food. our fortune read, "you should do well at making money and holding onto it." naturally, the next day we went to the nearest casino. oh wendover. classy place.... on the way to wendover we stopped at the salt flats. one of the coolest sights. you get off the freeway on this rest stop and just start walking onto miles and miles of salt. we enjoyed ourselves. as you can tell in the loads of pictures we took (believe it or not, there is more). danny may or may not have bet on a few of the march madness games. we also may or may not have played blackjack. it was rough. diego the dealer was on a roll. i was just not meant to gamble. he took my last chip and my eyes started watering. danny teased me, but it's cool. we also ate at the hotel buffet- for the experience. was it the best meal i have ever had? nope. was it the worst? maybe. overall, we had such a memorable adventure. danny is pretty fun.

ladies- back me up..

posted on: Monday, March 17, 2014

confession: i never wear a bra at home. while watching tv last night, i was playing around on illustrator, and bam. this was created. true huh?

gas n go

posted on: Sunday, March 16, 2014

our weekend in a nutshell: skate park, breaking bad, chicken and waffles, friends, baseball game, sweet potato fries, sleeping in, sunshine, and cadbury mini eggs.

Danny's outfit: Air Jordan 8 (bugs bunny), Zanerobe pants, Common Justice hat, and RSVP shirt. 

Mine: Timberland boots,  Citizen waxed jeans, and this Comme Des Garçons shirt. 

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