posted on: Sunday, June 22, 2014

what better way to end a race than with a mini photo shoot.. right? keri and i ran the american fork half. it. was. gor. geous. we went to bed around 1:00 and then woke up at 3:40 (yes- a.m.) to be bussed up to the top of the canyon. it was cool being among this anxious group of people, all running for a cause. the race was for cancer. in honor of those who have died and for those survivors. it was so cool to see all the different shirts/signs of those running for loved ones. i ran for close family members on mine and my husband's side, as well as my dear friend ashley. i can just imagine my grandpa floyd watching this race and laughing and shaking his head at me. "why on earth would you pay money to wake up early and run 13 miles?" good question. jk i love it. what a cool feeling it is to run with all different kinds of people. to be a part of it all. have strangers cheering you on and to cross that finish line feeling so accomplished. and then we made our way to sonic......


Anniversary Weekend in Vegas

posted on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014

let me start off with a little warning... this may be a tiny bit of a lovey dovey post. sometimes- it's gotta happen. especially since it was just our two year anniversary! we were lucky enough to take a day off work and head to vegas for the weekend! my parents let us stay in their time share- which was so perfect. we needed this weekend. we have both been tired and drained from long days at work and just not enough sleep. we were able to sleep in every morning and then head down to the pool to soak up some vitamin d. that vegas sun felt so hot, yet so nice on my body. and paired with a pina colada? uh huh honey. we walked around and shopped; because that's what we do in the city of sin. we went on the high roller- the world's highest observation wheel at 550 feet tall. we may or may not have gambled too. danny bet on some games and we played some black jack. (although i have learned that it is better for my mental state not to lose money) so i played the machine black jack for a while. i put in one dollar, was down the whole time until i made a miraculous come back! i was up 10 cents so i cashed out. and they say vegas always wins............. 

i tease danny that he is a "food snob." when we go out to eat (especially when we travel) he always makes sure we have the best food. he will search the web and all the apps he has to ensure that our meal will be divine. you don't see me complaining about it! it's a great quality he has. at least i know i will always be well fed. with that being said, we had some delicious food over our getaway. earl of sandwich, strip burger (my new #1 favorite oreo shake), hash house a go go, and nove italiano. changed my life. so that was our trip in a nutshell. it was one for the memory books. 

you know those times when you just feel warm and happy inside? like nothing could bring you down. all the stresses of everything is gone. the only thing you worry about is if you want to take a 30 minute or a 60 minute nap. that's what this weekend was for us. anniversaries are fun. it is the one holiday dedicated to YOUR love. no one else gets that day. we kept just looking at each other and smiling. "two years." i am beyond lucky to have found danny. he is my best friend, my other half. i am so happy i get to spend this life with such an incredible human being. obviously no one is perfect, but without a doubt this guy is perfect for me. happy anniversary danny. each day i fall more in love with you!  

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