Pleasanton Baby Shower

posted on: Monday, December 29, 2014

don't worry- it was melted chocolate bars. we played a game called "guess the poo."

feeling baby hiccups. 

my mom, sister, and two best friends threw the most beautiful baby shower. they know how much i love farmers markets so they surprised me with the farmers market theme. cute huh? we had a feast of fresh fruit and veggies, pasta salad, donuts- duh, farmers market kettle corn, yummy salad, spinach dip, and banana cream pie. sooo the food was on point. 

i love these moments in life that brings friends together. i got to see some of my old soccer and high school friends that i haven't see in a while. it was so special to have them there celebrating our future little babe. i'm so grateful for all the work that went into this shower and for the gifts that spoiled us. we definitely feel showered with love.

FLORIDA @ the Miami Beach Bowl

a bird pooped on danny! not gonna lie, i thought it was the funniest thing..

star fruit! ^^^ this was my favorite thing as a kid! 

we were very lucky and got to go to Florida with the BYU football team (and danny's family) to the Miami Beach Bowl. we stayed right in south beach at Loews Hotel. supa nice. i mean that view? that pool? yes please. went to a couple movies. played many hours of cards. went to the Heat game. ate lots of yummy food! long walks on the beach. danny and i have been pretty spoiled and have been able to travel lots lately. although we still want to travel the world once this baby comes- it's been really nice to not have to worry about a little one, a stroller, and all that jazz. this is a time in our lives we will never forget! 

(except hopefully we forget the fact that BYU lost their game....)

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