denim cut offs for sale

posted on: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

hey peeps! sooo the beach, pool, sun, music festivals, etc.. its all coming! i am making denim cut off shorts. as i've been looking for a pair for myself, i have found over priced ($90.00-$130.00) torn up jeans. don't over pay. just don't. email me at with your size and i will make you a pair of custom ones for wayyy less. we're talking $30.00. worth it!

vintage fur

posted on: Saturday, February 22, 2014

i went treasure hunting this week. found these two gems. i saw this fur, and it was love at first sight. i mean it is pretty rad. paired it with a vintage rolling stones tee (found at a thrift) and my classic vans. also wearing these jeans.

* celebrating love *

posted on: Sunday, February 16, 2014

you know, finding that person who is perfect for you is truly an amazing thing. falling in love with my best friend? i don't think lucky is the right word. i feel very blessed. i sometimes think valentines day is a little silly. i feel like love is something to be celebrated all the time. but who am i to be against another excuse to give gifts, exchange cheesy love notes, and eat a good meal? we went to our favorite spot in utah. little swiss place in midway. blue boar inn. this is the best cheese fondue you'll ever have. plus it comes with little pickles, ham, salami, bread, and apples. boom baby. they also have a money french onion soup. D gets the wiener schnitzel, but i'm not a fan. after, we went to the ice castles. it was a pretty magical thing walking through these caves of ice art. if you're in the area- go. before it all melts away. k that's it for now. life with this guy... so. freaking. happy.

color me mine.

posted on: Thursday, February 13, 2014

color me mine from Carlee Holmoe on Vimeo.

so danny and i used the visa gift card from our date night book. february? check! we went to color me mine. if you haven't been to a place like this.. you gotta do it. it was soothing. a very fun rainy day activity. you pick anything you want to paint and they will fire it. easy peasy. i've been hinting at it for a little while, so it was a success to get him there. (whether he admits it or not- he had a really good time. i could tell). he made the vase and brought it home with a rose. what a cutie. you know when you kiss and shock each other? happens to us fairly often. so we will simultaneously say "our love is electric." in a goofy non sexy voice. it is. very electric.

thursday is the new friday.

posted on: Friday, February 7, 2014

thursday is the new friday.. am I right? we sometimes decide to pretend like we have an extra night on the weekend. go out, stay up later, pretend my 7:08 & 7:14 alarm clock won't go off. and yes i never set my alarm to a "normal" number. or the microwave. what defines "normal" anyway? the golden question. back to thursday. we went to sushi, tried to catch some snowflakes on our tongue, and went to the byu basketball game. the boys were twinning. camo pants and royal blue sweatshirts. pretty funny. also note the poster for kate hansen in the olympics competing in luge. baller. GO USA! we stayed up late getting caught up on the bachelor. classy television. we cheer for andi and renee. "you can be tall, you can be small. it's fine." -juan pablo on his requirements for a wife. classic. at least he's not setting the bar toooooo high. welp, talk to ya'll later. peace and blessings.

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