San Francisco «« part three

posted on: Saturday, December 28, 2013

the final leg of the trip. Pier 39 is a total tourist thing to do when you come to the city- however it's kind of a must. my family lives in the bay and we still go lots. Trish's mini donuts.. melt in your mouth. crepes. magic. socks. clam chowder. magnets. puppets. salt water taffy. the. list. goes. on. although the seals stink and aren't super entertaining, I still stare at them and take their photo. those lazy photogenic pieces of lard. Ghirardelli Square- you have earned all your fame and glory. we decided to have dessert for lunch (in my dream world- this would be every meal). the Nob Hill Chill was divine. the only downer of the trip was that our boys lost their game. I am most proud of my good friend JD.. he is an inspiration for how much heart and passion he plays with. it was cool to be at AT&T Park watching football. overall- it was an amazing week. so lucky to have an amazing husband and family to play with. time to head back for the next adventure.
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San Francisco «« part two

posted on: Friday, December 27, 2013

peace. love. donuts. 

it's been an adventure these past few days.. we had our annual Christmas Eve tradition- Cheesecake factory at Union Square. we've been doing this since I could remember. we each are given 20 dollars to give to someone in need. with all the craziness in the city for the holidays, it's nice to be reminded that this is the season of giving. we spent Christmas day with family, talking to loved ones who couldn't be here, and eating. we also went to the Warriors game. Golden State represent. the next day Danny and I took the bus to Haight and Ashbury.. rad spot- where the hippies originate. we then went down to the bay and played at the old arcade then ate at Boudines. tourist spot. also.. if there is one thing California has goin' for them- it's the donuts. theres a donut shop on every block and they all have fried glazed little pieces of heaven. my taste buds want to thank you Bob for your donuts. best maple in town.

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