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posted on: Sunday, April 27, 2014

^^^ cute face right?

one of my all time favorite qualities of danny is that he loves to support people. whether it's a good friend, family member, someone he barely knows, or a random stranger from the community. he loves to help when he can and support someone's hard work toward their dreams. i like it. a girl that he works with is graduating from college and told him about her graphic design final project that she was displaying over the weekend. we went to the art show to check out her work and some of her fellow classmates. holy moly- these people are talented. it was really neat to see the proud students showing off all of their hard work. i took a couple art and photography classes in college, so to a certain degree, i knew how hard they worked to finish these projects. it's their baby. i appreciate the different creative minds that surround us and the directions they take on a simple greeting card, or children's story book. the future design of this country is looking bright.

for those who want to know: plaid shirt and pinstripe pants are from JCREW, shoes are New Balance, and hat is Brixton.

a girl and her bbq

posted on: Saturday, April 26, 2014

cheers to the freakin' weekend. since having a full time job, i appreciate the weekend so much more. i usually keep my camera with me throughout life, and when i get a minute to relax, i look back at the pictures i have taken since my last upload. i just feel happy looking through this week's photos. so much color and happiness. favorite part? whipping out our new mini bbq. i am kind of obsessed. we keep it in our apartment and pull it out to our porch to grill. we sat out with music and a frisbee. (our neighborhood is sketchy so we had to keep our eyes on it at all time).  danny was laughing at me because i couldn't stop smiling. cloud nine. after a long winter, there is nothing better than sunshine and the smell of a bbq going. i cant wait to use this all summer.

i also wanted to post the few other pictures from our annual holmoe easter egg hunt. yep- i am the youngest. never grow up. we also went up to east lawn to watch the sunset with my favorite keri mae and tiny the bulldog. love them. lastly, a big congrats to one of my first friends in Utah- Mercede and her new hubby Bryson. yay for marriage! and milk & cookie bars.

the grill master ;)

you are my wild

posted on: Sunday, April 13, 2014

our weekend: utah county does this cool thing called the bijou market. local shops sell some of their handmade goods all in one spot. i love checking out some of the local talent. i always stock up on thank you/ birthday cards. this is where the "you are my wild" wall decor came from. (i also bought a wooden cutting board where i cut up the first pineapple of the season.. yummmm). friday night we went to dinner at the country club, where i snapped this gorgeous sunset photo. utah is pretty. danny and i love to take walks. i wanted to include a picture of our view of the temple. we have loved being able to watch the progress of this temple. i still remember the day they announced that this was to be built. it has been really special to us because it is a block away from our home. we also were able to attend a friend's wedding. congrats to taysom and emily. we were up in park city where danny took a little spin in the skatepark. his happy place. i was that embarrassing wife taking pictures. 

lastly, i wanted to share a little snippet about Zack's Shack. zack is a 10 year old boy with a heart of gold and personality busting out of his ears. every year him and his family hold a lemonade / cookie sale to raise money to buy wheelchairs to donate. the wheelchairs cost $143.00 and this year he raised enough money to donate 39 wheelchairs. THIRTY NINE. you do the math. that's a lot of lemonade. it was fun to see all of the kids running the stand. these young hearts and young minds will change the world. (and if they don't- those cookies will)!

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