a girl and her bbq

posted on: Saturday, April 26, 2014

cheers to the freakin' weekend. since having a full time job, i appreciate the weekend so much more. i usually keep my camera with me throughout life, and when i get a minute to relax, i look back at the pictures i have taken since my last upload. i just feel happy looking through this week's photos. so much color and happiness. favorite part? whipping out our new mini bbq. i am kind of obsessed. we keep it in our apartment and pull it out to our porch to grill. we sat out with music and a frisbee. (our neighborhood is sketchy so we had to keep our eyes on it at all time).  danny was laughing at me because i couldn't stop smiling. cloud nine. after a long winter, there is nothing better than sunshine and the smell of a bbq going. i cant wait to use this all summer.

i also wanted to post the few other pictures from our annual holmoe easter egg hunt. yep- i am the youngest. never grow up. we also went up to east lawn to watch the sunset with my favorite keri mae and tiny the bulldog. love them. lastly, a big congrats to one of my first friends in Utah- Mercede and her new hubby Bryson. yay for marriage! and milk & cookie bars.

the grill master ;)


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