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posted on: Sunday, April 27, 2014

^^^ cute face right?

one of my all time favorite qualities of danny is that he loves to support people. whether it's a good friend, family member, someone he barely knows, or a random stranger from the community. he loves to help when he can and support someone's hard work toward their dreams. i like it. a girl that he works with is graduating from college and told him about her graphic design final project that she was displaying over the weekend. we went to the art show to check out her work and some of her fellow classmates. holy moly- these people are talented. it was really neat to see the proud students showing off all of their hard work. i took a couple art and photography classes in college, so to a certain degree, i knew how hard they worked to finish these projects. it's their baby. i appreciate the different creative minds that surround us and the directions they take on a simple greeting card, or children's story book. the future design of this country is looking bright.

for those who want to know: plaid shirt and pinstripe pants are from JCREW, shoes are New Balance, and hat is Brixton.


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