thursday is the new friday.

posted on: Friday, February 7, 2014

thursday is the new friday.. am I right? we sometimes decide to pretend like we have an extra night on the weekend. go out, stay up later, pretend my 7:08 & 7:14 alarm clock won't go off. and yes i never set my alarm to a "normal" number. or the microwave. what defines "normal" anyway? the golden question. back to thursday. we went to sushi, tried to catch some snowflakes on our tongue, and went to the byu basketball game. the boys were twinning. camo pants and royal blue sweatshirts. pretty funny. also note the poster for kate hansen in the olympics competing in luge. baller. GO USA! we stayed up late getting caught up on the bachelor. classy television. we cheer for andi and renee. "you can be tall, you can be small. it's fine." -juan pablo on his requirements for a wife. classic. at least he's not setting the bar toooooo high. welp, talk to ya'll later. peace and blessings.


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