Christmas 2014

posted on: Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas 2k14! one to remember. got to spend 2 weeks in my hometown with my homepeeps! it was eventful slash lazy. the perfect combo. unfortunately- danny got sick and had a fever and a nasty cough the entire time. naturally, he got me sick and i had a fever and cough almost the entire time. kinda rough. we spent a lot of time in bed, eating soup, inhaling cough drops. the trip was a blast though. my parents took us to see Elf in San Francisco on Christmas Eve. we also saw the play beach blanket babylon in the city.. loved it. i recommend this musical to anyone who visits (or lives in) SF. we went to a few movies, mini golf, go cart racing, & the farmers market. spent lots of time (and money) on scratch-off tickets. dance party, games and lanterns on new years eve. and played cards every single night. there were nights i felt so sick but i'm just too much of a gamer to say no to a competitive night of cards. 

i love my family and feel so blessed to have got to spend the holidays with them. i am so grateful to have a husband who fits in perfectly and enjoys spending time with my family. lastly, my mind is boggled that from now on- every Christmas will be celebrated with our kids. can't wait to have our little bundle of joy next year at this magical time!


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