quick trip to the bay

posted on: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

quick trip or long trip.. any trip to my hometown is a heavenly one. we got in friday night and left sunday evening to get back to work. our excuse for the trip was to watch my lil brother's football game. any excuse will do. (they won- obviously- he's a payne). we were able to go to one of the happiest places on earth.. the pleasanton farmers market. i've been going since i was a little kid- it's every saturday, year round. the best local produce, nuts, flowers, cheese, balloon man (danny's favorite), kettle corn, etc. my. happy. place. we also went to the pumpkin patch. the corn maze was not quite the same adrenaline rush in the day. but still a good time! there is just something about home that heals everything.

p.s. yep- still pregnant. baby bump is coming in strong!

p.p.s. if your heart doesn't melt a little when seeing bailey in that sulley costume- you might want to get that checked.


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