posted on: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

lately, rocky is slightly obsessed puppies. he gets so excited whenever he sees one. so we decided for his birthday, we would rent one to play with for a couple hours! some of you may be thinking it's kind of messed up to "rent a puppy" but this program is amazing. these puppies live with a family until they are adopted. you rent a puppy, and if you decide you want to adopt it- you can! that easy. they have a 100% adoption rate, so something is working! the first 20 minutes was pure bliss for rocky. he was so obsessed, and Kaya loved rocky too. they had an instant little bond. CUTE. i may or may not have thought about adopting her. danny just laughed at me. we had so much fun and i really hope this adorable pup finds a home soon! happy (almost) birthday little man.

if you are interested, the site is and this mellow, sweet little border collie's name is Kaya!


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