26.2 miles

posted on: Friday, January 29, 2016

26.2 miles. it's whatever....

wait i'm kidding.. it was one of the hardest things i've ever done. when i was pregnant, my sister and i signed up for the st. george marathon. thought it would be great motivation to get back in shape. well, it was. to say the least. we trained for months, as much as i could train while pushing a stroller! i would plan my run when he was ready for a nap. 

the morning of the race was so fun. i love the vibe of people who wake up this early (4am) and pay money to get their booties kicked. it was so fun to be with my sister aka best friend for this adventure. we laughed and talked the whole run. we mainly laughed at how unprepared we were. like how did we have no idea there was a monstrosity of a hill we had to make it up? and then do it again a couple miles later? probably a good thing or we may have backed out. also i'll never forget having her by my side those last couple of miles.. calfs cramping, knees killing, side ache, and she just kept telling me i could do it. as i saw danny and rocky- i pushed myself as hard as i could- sprinting (not sure i'd call it that) to the end. and then collapsed. 

i learned a lot about myself in this experience. i can do hard things. my body is a blessing. 7 months after having a baby and i was able to finish a marathon. i'm grateful for a healthy body and a competitive spirit. and a supportive husband and brother (who drove in that morning, getting there when we were leaving for the race- just in time to take Rocky). oh- and the best sister in the world.

cheers to crossing stuff off that bucket list!


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