Silverlake California

posted on: Friday, November 6, 2015

silverlake is the sweetest. i was in awe with the amount of cacti around this place. a town after my own heart. we used airbnb for our rental home. we found this cute little pool house which turned out to be the pool house of a pretty successful rockstar. we may or may not have been stalker status laying in bed watching youtube videos of him performing. he is a crazy dude. like crowd surfing, kicking security guards crazy. but the nicest guy. such kind hosts. although the place wasn't really set up for a baby. we made rocky a little bed in the shower. hah. we walked around on fairfax, which is one of danny's happy places. we adventured off to the yummiest dinner where we spotted a few celebs. hiked to the hollywood sign. shopped (til we dropped). went to breakfast with friends and spent the afternoon at the beach. BYU game at the rose bowl. hit up the long beach flea market. << I could spend all day here. stopped at the gas station to get our own tubs of ice cream to eat in bed. fat kid problems.

this was really our first vacation just our family of three. i loved it. makes me excited for traveling the rest of our lives together. seeing new places. trying new foods. making memories. although on the last day, here was a quote from a stressed out danny.. "I have so much more respect for dads on family vacations. I need to call mine and apologize for all the crap I gave him. Driving in a foreign city ain't easy." New dad problems.


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