SF zoo and SF beach

posted on: Friday, November 6, 2015



hahaha a chubby baby, at the beach. with tiny sunnies on. can you think of anything better?! we also went to the san francisco zoo and it was BEAUtiful. I haven't been to this zoo in a long time and I kept saying how even if they took all the animals out, I'd still pay to walk around. also- speaking of taking animals out- (bare with me as I get on my soapbox real quick)...

as i get older, i have started to feel worse for the animals in zoos and amusement parks. there is a tree hugger side of me that feels so guilty. does anyone else feel this way? BUT walking around this zoo, I felt a little peace from the animals. (the peace also could have just been justification in my mind). they don't have too bad of a life.. right?! also, without zoos I don't think I would ever get the chance to see a zebra, or a rhino, or a tiger. ya feel? and seeing rocky's wonder as his eyes locked on the giraffe made my heart happy. 

k i'm done.


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