paternity leave

posted on: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We left the hospital- just us 3. It was a crazy drive bringing him home with us. Our little family. We were so happy. That first night with him was scary. We were so paranoid. Constantly checking to make sure the blanket want over his face. Or that he was still breathing. We didn’t get much sleep. That whole next week was absolute heaven for me. Total bliss. Danny was on paternity leave and had that whole week off. My family left the day after we got home and my mom came back when danny went back to work. I loved having my family here! It was so fun seeing them with Rocky. So cool watching my mom and dad become "grandma and grandpa" to sweet rRocky babe. I also loved paternity leave. mMy favorite time. It was really nice spending all that time with my two boys. I was just on cloud nine. I literally just stared at him all day. My favorite is when he sleeps on my chest. Or Danny’s chest (he calls it boy time) so I can stare at him. When people were over to visit/hold him, I just missed him. I always wanted him in my arms. I cant even describe the feelings I felt. The amount of love for Rocky. I am so obsessed. That week, I got no sleep but I have never been happier. I didn’t want to take naps because I knew I would miss him too much. I didn’t want to miss any moment. I still don’t. I am soaking up every little newborn sound. Every smile in his sleep. Every cuddle. He is just the cutest. Danny and I just look at each other in awe that we made this human. He is truly our little miracle. That first week I had a few little emotional breakdowns. I cried because I just love him so much. I cried because I was nervous for him to grow and get bigger. I cried because I was scared for what this world would do to such a perfect innocent little thing. I also went to go pick up cafĂ© rio for danny for lunch. Danny and Rocky were home together (danny had just got an epidural shot and couldn’t drive). I cried the whole way there and the whole way back. I missed him. I felt bad for leaving. I wanted him in my arms. It was so funny. Yes, I'm that crazy mom. Buuuut I feel like I found my purpose in life. To be his mom. At Rocky's two weeks we brought him up to Park City for dinner. It was fun to bring him on our favorite adventure. We ate at blind dog. He slept the whole time but mom and dad had a fun little outing. 

So all in all, these couple weeks have been perfection. My little family of three. Home together and just so happy. My heart is so full of love for these boys in my life. I thank my Heavenly Father all the time for Danny and for Rocky. As you can tell- I am so obsessed, so happy, and so in love. I can’t believe we get to have him in our family FORVEVER. I love you Rocky James. Thanks for joining our family!


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