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posted on: Saturday, February 14, 2015

I have now worked at Adobe for close to 2 years. I spent 4 months as a corporate wellness intern in the gym. Through networking, I was offered a job as a credit and collections analyst in the finance department. When people find out that I work at Adobe in Lehi- the first thing they say is how awesome that building is. And let me tell you- it's the coolest corporate campus I have ever seen. I want to share an inside look to where I spent a good chunk of my life. 

Pretty cool right? I love the openness and brightness all of the windows bring. And the modern environment is perfect for all of those creative minds in the company. I have learned so much from the people I worked with. My boss was also the coolest- letting me travel lots in the past year and a half. Adobe pays for their employees to have a train pass. Free transportation? K thanks! What will I miss most? THAT GYM. I mean..... seriously. It's a dream. I take at least 3 classes a week during lunch. The trainers they bring in are amazing and the classes kick my butt! (And did you see the list of classes? They have thought of everything!) The other two lunch breaks are spent on the treadmill, outside, bike, stair master, elliptical. Is this real life? What company allows you to work out, use a full locker room with showers, hair dryers, irons, etc. fo free?! I'll miss that place. And I'll miss not paying for a gym pass. Dangit. 

Overall- my experience at Adobe is something I will always be grateful for. HUGE learning experience for me. I have spent my whole life playing soccer and going to school. Any job I had was revolved around camps and training kids to play soccer- outside. I'm not gonna lie- the transition to a desk job was hard- to say the least. I struggled for a few months but I found ways to make it work for me. It was difficult to spend my entire days sitting inside- so I made it a point to go for runs outside and get involved in the classes at the gym. Big big difference. I will be honest- I never really looked forward to going to work. Does anybody? I didn't necessarily lovvve what I did. But I feel accomplished to have had the ability to contribute to our little family. I am proud of myself for sticking with it and learning a completely new industry. I am proud that I made it out of my comfy bed every morning. And I truly do feel lucky to have been a part of this company. Now off to my new job. 
Bigger and better things people!


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