posted on: Saturday, December 13, 2014

New York! i love this city. so many times i caught myself brainstorming how danny and i could make it work to move out here. such a fun place to be. i went out to visit two of my best friends, who i played soccer with at BYU. a couple days we stayed at uncle phillips apartment in the city- and i mean that view? seriously? that's what i woke up to. unreal. we were able to do so much in the time we had there. (plus i got all my christmas shopping done which i'm pretty pumped about). Christmas time in New York is one of my favorite things. all the lights, the music, the ice skating, the window displays- i die. we went to Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Soho, Central Park, Times Square, Chelsea Market, Grand Central Station, Greenwich Connecticut, and more. had the best scones at Alice's tea cup. can't forget about the doughnuts at the Doughnut Plant. and that wall of pillows is kind of perfect. we also ordered warm cookies and milk, delivered to our apartment (!!!) at 1am. yeah as you can tell we ate really healthy...

thanks for having me! the trip was an absolute dream. babe and i miss you guys already! 


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