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posted on: Saturday, August 2, 2014

so if you want to know the absolute truth, the number one reason that i blog is fear. i have a humongous fear that there will be a massive fire, flood, tornado, group of thieves, or the most probable situation, my computer will crash. i don't really trust the cloud or backup hard drives (i've had too many crash on me in my days). i know memories should all be in your brain, but sometimes my brain gets full or occupied with other shenanigans. and the second i look at a picture, it all comes flooding back. SOOO i'm going to post this for my 50 year old self to show our kids. feel free to follow along for our love story. i think it's a good one. 

Danny and Carlee

the first time i met danny i was in 7-11 on university ave, where jimmer introduced us. honestly? i was smitten. i went home and told my roommates that i had just met the hottest guy. we didn't see each other for over a year, and even then it was slow before things got rollin. he came to a party that we threw at our apartment, we went hot tubing with a group of friends, and i went to dinner at his family's house (the athletic director invited a few of us soccer girls). butterflies. every time. he took a little longer to fall for me- but oh did he fall! he called to come see my new apartment. he tried multiple times because i was never there. eventually it worked and he and a couple friends came by. (he claims that was the last time he was going to try before giving up). phewf. 

so we hung out everyday after that. i liked him, but there was one thing that kept me from feeling too serious too fast. danny had a job waiting for him in San Francisco. an apartment and a new life waiting for him. he was supposed to leave in 30 days from that first day we hung out. i figured i would just have fun and say bye when it was time. little did we know, our paths were meant to cross.

here is a picture from our first date- a Brian McKnight concert at the Scera Shell theater. it rained on us. but it was perfect.  

we just had fun. danny is such a social guy, which i love. we did so much and lived without stress. we just got to know each other. 

and we laughed A LOT. 

Danny was supportive of my soccer. he came to all my games, gave me stats and info on our opponents.

we met each others families and LOVED them.

the 30 days was almost up. i was dreading it. i didn't think i would fall for him that hard, that quick. we talked about doing the whole long distance thing and we were going to try and make it work. (i knew danny didn't like talking on the phone for very long, so i was nervous how this would go). i trusted that whatever was supposed to happen would. it was our last night and we went to dinner. i felt anxious and sad to send him to the bay area. we went back to my place and danny sat me down. he grabbed my hands. i could tell he was a little nervous. he looked me in the eyes and said, "i'm staying." literally my heart stopped. well maybe not literally, but probably. pure bliss. in the moment- beyond happy. looking back, so insanely thankful for danny's decision. it was not an easy one, but FOR SURE the right one.  

below is a picture from the night danny told me he loved me. it was his first day in a new job. he started working for qualtrics and i knew it would be a stressful day. the first is always mentally and physically exhausting. in my apartment, we had an unfinished basement. i rented a projector, hung up some lights, blew up the mattress, picked up his favorite snack (cheese imported from switzerland- classy guy), and rented titanic from BlockBuster (somehow i feel old for saying that). he got off work and we went to grab dinner. then i told him i had a little surprise in the basement. after the movie we were just cuddling and kissing (he is THE best kisser). he stopped and just looked at me. he tucked my hair behind my ear and told me he loved me. man that boy is smooth; but at the same time he was so nervous. i knew i loved him about a month before that. but i was stubborn and wanted him to say it first. it was so easy for me to say it back. and it is so fun to say it to him every day since titanic in the basement. 

he took care of me when i was sick. i could tell what a great husband and daddy this man would be. 

our engagement. danny had been telling me for a couple weeks that he wanted to show me this really cool spot in the mountains. we had tried one time- but he "couldn't find it." March 21st, 2012- he told me he found it and wanted to take me. i wasn't expecting anything because he set it up pretty dang good. he picked me up and told me i had to wear a blindfold. we drove up the mountains, but really we were taking the looooong way to campus. we parked and he walked me out. we stopped and he took off the blindfold. we were standing in the middle of south field. the soccer field that i poured my heart and soul on to. that place holds so many memories for me. he took my hands and said the sweetest things that i play over in my head from time to time. he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. he proposed with his grandma's ring. the one he was having designed for me wasn't finished and he couldn't wait (and i'm so glad he didn't). it couldn't have been more perfect. he had our favorite meal- gnocchi from Gloria's little italy. i will never forget sitting across from my fiance, the stadium in the background, and my heart melting by the minute.

we took engagement pictures, found an apartment, and planned a wedding. 

on June 16th, 2012 danny made me the happiest girl alive. we were sealed for time and all eternity. that day could not have been more special. (besides the 107 degree weather). i always say i wish we could do that day again- but not change a thing. it. was. per. fect.

and then we honeymooned and the rest is history!

if you made it though all that mushy gushy stuff- i'm kinda impressed. i mean i could read it all day long and think it's heavenly. (but it's probably like when someone thinks their baby is the cutest thing in the world when everyone else thinks it looks like an alien turtle). 

but i feel satisfied. i feel relieved to have these pictures and memories in a spot that will hopefully never crash. i mean can we even trust the internet or blogger? i sure hope so or i may turn into a crazy lady with hard drives and memory cards coming out of my ears!

anyways.. our story continues. it actually never ends. i love you danny with all my heart and i am excited for all that our future holds. 


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