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posted on: Monday, April 7, 2014

holy pictures. we took a lot, and i'm so happy about it. danny and i went back to the bay area to visit family. it was the best weekend. a much needed trip to the sun. and i am utterly obsessed with that little girl. i mean, can she get any cuter? sooo in a nutshell, here is how the trip went..

hottub. every. day. and. night.
christy's baby shower
building countless towers of blocks to knock down
manis and pedis
matching tattoos with bailey (temporary of course)
san jose sharks game
massages at a little asian place
rainbows and football
classes at the gym with my cute/ SUPER FIT prego sister
dinner at a delicious barbecue joint
farmer's market (my favorite place)
ice cream at the pleasanton meadowlark dairy
lds conference
mitchey's basketball game- go bulldogs
baker beach in san fran / sandy toes / kite flying
boudins mac and cheese & pepperoni pizza in the city
candy store = chocolate covered twinkies & salt water taffy.
family card games; the paynes are competitive
shootin hoops outside
laying by the pool  (two hours in the sun = BURN)
lottery tickets- won 2 bucks and a free ticket.
laughing our heads off with good friends

i'm sure there is more, but that's a pretty solid list. we did a lot and i loved every second. i already miss all of those people, that house, that sun, that farmer's market, and maybe that ice cream. 


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