peace, love, and avocado toast.

posted on: Thursday, March 13, 2014


so yeah.. i've slacked a little bit on my posts lately. just been chillin a little too hard. i made a good toast last night and a pretty delicious salad with onion strings on top tonight- so i figured i would share that as well as what me and my guy have been up to. we actually have done some fun things. had a weekend getaway in the mountains with my family. we showed them around our favorite spots (cheese fondue, sundance, park city main street, the eating establishment, etc.). we took my little brother snowboarding for his first time- pretty much already a pro. its in our blood. i can already see him representing those rings one day. 2k18? it was a good time. the weather has finally been warming up so naturally we have been pretending like it is summer. we've been going on walks with no jackets, attending a bon fire in the mountains, and we may have puchased our first barbecue last night. some might say that was a premature move for early march- i say it was brilliant. i'm already planning on a bbq party with some grilled goodness, sunshine, friends, and music. danny says i'm a dreamer. he's right. so this post is kind of just a hodge podge of pictures and random stuff because i am playing catch up. i need to include everything so when i'm a 67 year old lady trying to put together our younger years.. carleefries will come to the rescue. 

peace, love, and avocado toast. 

1 avocado
chopped cilantro
juice from half a lemon
a pinch of salt
whole wheat toast (or white if you're rebellious)

best served in bed, with SURFER magazine, and your favorite socks.


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