grown up sleepovers

posted on: Saturday, January 11, 2014

it had been too long since my last sleepover. luckily I got to have a girls night with one of my favorite people ever. ever ever. it had been snowing all day, so fittingly the first adventure of our night was getting my car stuck. believe it or not this kind of stuff happens to us often, so it wasn't surprising. Keri got out to start pushing the car (somehow we were convinced it would work). a very kind man saw this, probably laughed, and got out to help. people like this that make the world go 'round. he ended up driving my car successfully out of the mess we made. phewf.

we went to a local shop in search for matching rings. go ahead and make fun- it's cool. we like it. with the influence of each other, we ended up buying a couple more items. duh- that's what friends are for. still kind of dreaming about the woven stools and blankets. we went to a war movie (girls night out?) and ate some donuts (2014 diet?). spent some quality time with Tiny, the cutest bulldog in town. or in the world. she sat on my head in the morning, making sure I would get to work on time. talk about alarm clock. I like Tiny and Keri. us three had a good time and I'm already looking forward to the next. makin' memories one slumber party at a time.


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