posted on: Friday, January 3, 2014

'twas the night before work. the end of our break. twenty thirteen was over and Danny and I felt a sense of nervousness and sadness that all our fun was ending. however- that was kind of silly of us. it's a new year FULL of adventure and happiness. we decided to have our last hoorah of the year and our welcoming of twenty fourteen. plus when it's New Years day and everyone was hitting the gym and eating celery and spinach, we thought it was only fitting to binge on our absolute favorite dessert in the world. a gooey chocolate chip cookie with melty ice cream on top can ease any sense of anxiety; try it, I dare you. this local dessert cafe is so cute and they have perfected this "cazookie."

if there is anything I have learned in this year, it is to enjoy life. love the people close to you. tell them that you love them. treat them like you love them. I hope this year is full of family walks, Sunday naps, fresh fruit, early morning yoga, new recipes, bike rides slash date nights with my favorite human, CAZOOKIES, and lots of laughs with friends. two new nephews will be born. cant. wait. and our two missionaries will be returning home. also. cant. wait. looking like a beautiful year. this post was meant to be about our mini celebration and the delicious tin of calories we devoured, but somehow it turned sentimental. oops.. see ya!


  1. That looks amazing! I drive by The Chocolate all the time and am dying to eat there!

  2. How fun!! Is your sister having a baby boy?


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