Pictures from my run.

posted on: Thursday, March 28, 2013

The first place Danny held my hand. 

The apartment my husband lived in when we were dating. 

Recently, I have felt like Utah hasn't looked so pretty. I've noticed as the snow has melted, everything looks dead. Yuck. I went for a run today, and I challenged myself to find some beauty. The sun itself makes me happy, but I made it my job to take pictures of things on my run that made me smile. It was crazy how many things I saw that I loved. There were a few places that brought back memories with loved ones, and a couple other things that I just had to document. If there is anyone reading this post, try to go the next 24 hours and notice the beauty in your daily life. Just being cautious of the scenery around you will bring you so much insight and happiness- I promise.
Peace out yo.


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