cake for my ONE year old!

posted on: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

i can't even handle these pictures. this child. i'm so smitten. he turned ONE today! what?! i have a one year old! people always say "i can't believe he is one already!" and i'm equally as surprised but also not at all. i feel like i've had him in my life for so much longer than that. it's hard for me to picture my life without him. he is my everything. this baby has rocked my world. from day one i have had this deep love for him. the kind of love that i have cried just cause i love him so much. danny tries not to laugh. motherhood is such a special thing. i'm surprised how protective i am over him. i hate seeing him in pain. i just want him to be happy, and find joy in each day. i want him to grow and learn and be successful. but at the same time i am so scared for the day he moves out and doesn't need me everyday. the crazy things moms think about. but seriously.

as i rocked him to sleep tonight, i started thinking back on this past year. becoming a mom has been the most amazing thing. the first time i held him in the hospital was so beautiful. i've heard this quote by Elizabeth Stone but never really understood it until now. 

“Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body."

it is so true. this human has me wrapped around his chubby little finger. so many memories have come flooding back to me. the sleepy cuddles as a newborn. the middle of the night feedings. the milk stained face. our shopping trips. that smile that lights up the whole room. the speedy army crawl that you nailed. when dad comes home and you point to show him everything in the house. i could probably write a novel with all my favorite things about you, but my wrist is starting to hurt so i'll stop.

Happy birthday sweet boy. I love you more than you will ever know.


lately, rocky is slightly obsessed puppies. he gets so excited whenever he sees one. so we decided for his birthday, we would rent one to play with for a couple hours! some of you may be thinking it's kind of messed up to "rent a puppy" but this program is amazing. these puppies live with a family until they are adopted. you rent a puppy, and if you decide you want to adopt it- you can! that easy. they have a 100% adoption rate, so something is working! the first 20 minutes was pure bliss for rocky. he was so obsessed, and Kaya loved rocky too. they had an instant little bond. CUTE. i may or may not have thought about adopting her. danny just laughed at me. we had so much fun and i really hope this adorable pup finds a home soon! happy (almost) birthday little man.

if you are interested, the site is and this mellow, sweet little border collie's name is Kaya!

a date with my boo and a date with my baby

danny surprised me with reservations for dinner and a scheduled babysitter. and a pretty lei. a much needed date night with my love. we had dinner at Sundance by the fireplace. talk about romantic. whoa.

rocky and i also had a date to the zoo! he was pointing at all the animals and it was the cutest. i say this at every age, but this age is my favorite! his little walk! i die.

Rocky's FIRST birthday party!

posted on: Monday, March 7, 2016

^ loving his new pup - thanks Mo! ^

^ Rocky's first kiss! Cute Willow Mae ^

you guys. planning a kid birthday party is so fun. i had a ball. (get it?) Rocky loved it. he was a little overwhelmed but he's super social, so having all these kids in his house at the same time was like a dream come true! not a fan of his party hat. huge fan of the watermelon. and presents. such a fun time celebrating my sweet little boy. thanks to all his tiny friends and family for coming to play!


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